Some curious facts that you should know about the iPhone

The iPhone is arguably the most popular smartphone brand in the world. This is considering the number of products they sell per year and the percentage of profits they get from the smartphone industry. There are several facts about the iPhone including that they are a very expensive device and they now sell their products without chargers. However, here are some of the most curious facts about the iPhone that you should know about.

The prototype of the iPhone was invented in 1983

Even though the prototype does not look like what we have today, it was first developed in 1983. Over time and thanks to technological improvements, the iPhone has changed a lot to become the most popular device everybody wants to have today.

The USA alone has 101 million users of iPhone

In the USA, the number of people that currently own an iPhone is 101 million people. When you compare this number to the total population of the USA, you will find out that one in three people in the USA has an iPhone. This is also because a good number of this population are babies and children who don’t have a smartphone because they don’t need it yet or can’t afford it. Hence, it should be safe to say that over 50 per cent of people who own at least 1 smartphone in the USA, has an iPhone. If you want to join this huge number of iPhones users, you can read Mobile Phones Direct reviews and get an iPhone from the store if you are okay with the reviews. You will also need to subscribe the services of a Telecom company. Reading Telecom companies’ reviews will help you know the best telecom company to patronize with your iPhone.

About 51 apps are downloaded on Apple Store every minute

Probably due to new purchases and the need for some new apps, users of iPhone download 51 apps on the average every minute. The implication is that they download over 3,000 apps every hour, over 70,000 apps every day, over 490,000 apps every week, over 2.1 million apps every month,  and over 26 million apps every year.

The most common app on iPhone is Facebook

Facebook is the app that is most downloaded and used on the iPhone. A large number of registered users on Facebook is no doubt a major contribution since virtually every iPhone user has a Facebook account and would want to access it on their phones. Apart from Facebook, the other most moon apps on the iPhone include Facebook Messenger, Youtube, and Instagram.

iPhone sold 50 devices every second on the 1st weekend after iPhone 6s Plus and 6s were released

People were expecting the release of the iPhone 6s plus and 6s so much that the 1st weekend the phones were released, 50 devices were sold per second. That implies an impressive 3,000 units per minute, 180,000 units per hour and 4,320,000 units per day. Should they have continued on their tempo for a year, they would have sold over a billion devices.

Forty-nine per cent new device activations were iPhones during the 2015 Christmas season

During the 2015 Christmas period, it was observed that of the total activations of new devices, 49 per cent were iPhones. This could imply that several people got iPhone gifts during that year’s Christmasor decided to gift themselves with an iPhone.

More than 700 million Apple iPhones have been sold

The total number of Apple iPhones that have been sold stands at 700 million and just 300 million short of the 1 billion units market. Furthermore, it would imply that if all units were inactive and even usage amongst the massive 313 million populations in the USA, each citizen will have 2 Apple iPhones. Furthermore, more than 200 million iPhones are sold every year, considering a new model is released every year and people can trade-in their old iPhone along with some cash for a new one. About 33.3 per cent of high school students in the USA have an iPhone.