What’s New Trending in Android App Development?

The Internet boom has brought us to the stage where we’re experiencing a mobile application boom. And as any technology goes, Internet, mobiles, and mobile applications – none of these can survive without a continuous progression into something new, extraordinary, i.e. something that nudges it forward.

With the need to create more and more advanced custom apps, the subsequent need to hire Android app developers who have an eye for what’s in-trend and also brilliant has increased as well.

While these developers are doing an awesome job of it, let us take a look at what is catching their eye as some of the most promising trends in Android app development today:

Wearable Devices

Wearable has changed our lives today. Just when we thought that making portable technology would be amazing, wearable took portability of technology, and therefore Android app development to new heights. Whether it’s healthcare brands, or more popularly sports and fitness brands around us – wearable with various sensors have come to be really common.

And then there are apps that support such devices. These apps are designed in a way that their algorithm works in tandem with the wearable device, giving you the outcome or the information that you were looking for, directly on your mobile screen. Android app developers are therefore almost always keen to work with such technology.

Beacon Technology

One of the more amazing uses of what was initially available only for the iOS devices, Beacon Technology is now being created by almost every Android App Development Company out there. It’s a recent trend that is gaining its footing quite impressively in the whole scheme of Android app development.

One of the most recognized features of this technology is being able to easily track a location and its multi-functionality. Some of the best-found uses for Beacon technology have been, detecting any sort of danger, in hotels instead of the traditional hotel room keys, to upgrade customer connections at airports by some airline companies, detecting a temperature of a particular place, and even by some of the biggest players in the retail industry.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Such is the hype of AR and VR today, that people are looking to specially hire Android app developers, in turn making mobile app technology reach for even greater heights. The hype though, we can never say, is for nothing. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have really been a cornerstone of the technology as we use today.

With VR, you can create a whole new kind of reality for the end users. It’s a cutting edge technology that lets a person feel a situation just like real life, through their hearing and vision being stimulated. It’s being heavily used in fields like movies (to make 3D movies), games, entertainment, flight simulators for pilots, and so on. AR, on the other hand, stimulates the sense of hearing, feeling, and smelling in a person, making them a bit confused on what’s real and what’s not.

Android app development, therefore, has found a use for AR in various fields, like games, video making, and even medical field to help treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or conduct remote surgeries, and such.

Instant Apps

We also have instant apps developed by the Android app developers at Google. Haven’t you ever needed an app for only a short time amount of time till you get a specific thing done, and then the app keeps sitting there and eating your phone memory for no reason at all.

With this instant app technology, you will be able to download just a part of the app that you need, instead of the whole application, with just one simple click. It will be similar to how the whole website doesn’t get loaded; only a web page does, at a time.

In-App Payments

We are moving towards becoming a cashless society. And when every website today also indulges itself in getting its mobile app made, how can Android app developers around us not think of in-app payments? E-commerce and apps go hand-in-hand today and therefore online payments are an extremely important part of Android app development process.

Plus, with Google’s new Android Pay, the sellers and buyers both will be benefitted. Especially the security feature of this app is being considered better than most, and therefore a big advantage is being seen as users saving their personal details including credit/debit card details without any apprehension.

Android app development has never been about just the tried and tested methods or ideas; it’s always been about innovation, uniqueness, and regular updating of the present apps. And like every year, this year too has managed to see the Android technology advance to new and higher levels, satisfying easily the broadest clientele across the globe.

Manthan Bhavsar has been working with Metizsoft Solutions, a leading Android App Development Company, and is himself a brilliant Android app developer. When he’s not coming up with an idea for a new app, Manthan loves to know about what’s new and trending in the field of technology, and then blog about it! You Can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

How Developing a Mobile App Can Drive Revenue for Your Business

For entrepreneurs, turning their vision into a business is a big dream and it does not come easily. There are varied challenges that come from different corners and with the development of technology the chances of success have also increased. Mobile marketing is the new trend and various mobile apps can now help businesses engage their customers in a better way and also keep their employees well connected and boost the bottom line. In simple words, taking advantage of new innovations and mobile technology ensures that your company remains ahead of the market competition.

From implementing specific features like GPS down to the fact that people are carrying computers in their pockets, today smartphones also open up a world of opportunities for businesses both large and small.

Here is how a mobile app can help you

Geo targeted push notifications:

It was earlier suggested that mobile devices would present users with information all over the world in an automatic way. Today, geo targeted push notifications can be used in various ways in businesses:
• Notify fans about events, concerts and updates about the availability of tickets
• A national chain can send city or region based notifications about specific discounts or offers based on the user’s interest.
• Retailers can boost their loyalty by sending special offers to their customers who have been purchasing for the past few years.
• Businesses owners can also announce sales or discounts on their products during specific seasons.

Mobile apps offer additional sales opportunities:

Another biggest opportunity for businesses using mobile apps is to open up a whole new world of customers and engagement opportunities. Interactions with the customers has become geo-agnostic and mobile apps maximize the opportunity to reach the users within no time. There are push notifications that might remind the users of a nearly abandoned shopping cart and also bring them back and offer a more seamless experience for storing login information, which means an easier path to purchase and make transactions.

Data gathering:

Another powerful advantage of mobile apps for online business is that they can easily trace the behavior of the customer and what they actually want. Important things that can keep the users engaged or even at times turn them off can be analyzed. Tracking signals from mobile devices are opening the world of data gathering and analytics for the marketers. It is by using this data that advertisers can understand the behavior of the visitors and also use the information collected to make essential changes in the marketing strategy.

Dynamic sale offers:

Once you get tied up with technology and start using push notifications, you will observe that many magical things will start to happen. Businesses can now gather essential customer data and track the ad campaigns to deliver best sales offers at the right time. Various mobile apps enable businesses to do varied things and implement dynamic sales strategies to boost revenues. For example, there are certain seasons when people do a lot of online shopping. Giving them discounts during festive seasons often increases the sales and ultimate revenues.

Wearable devices are drawing attention:

As per the International Data Corporation, the market for wearables is assumed to experience a composite annual growth of about 20.3%. From body sensors, wearable cameras to healthcare tracking devices, wearables are gaining popularity and are going beyond the healthcare industry and is going to be one of the most promising mobile app development trends of 2017.

Pushing through the funnel:

There are many customers who browse through the store, check various products and then walk out to another store without making a purchase. This is called bounce and online users bounce for various reasons and the reasons are even greater when it is on mobile. Some reasons are that the users might not have a credit card handy, or typing the information may be too tedious or there may be some other distractions and they may simply put their phone back in their pocket. One way to restrict this transaction abandonment is through automated address filling. Using the GPS of a phone, the transactional app can easily detect the user’s location and automatically fill the address data. Such mobile applications make the transactions easier and reduces the bounce rates.

Become competitive:

Many showroom owners complain that shoppers visit the physical store to inspect the goods in person and then after finalizing on the product, they purchase it online where the prices are usually cheaper. Price comparison tools help the retailers drive additional website traffic and sales and mobile apps are helping businesses to increase ROI by increasing their efficiency. With the apps, users can be narrowly targeted and customers can be lured back to make a purchase. All these efficiencies result in generating more revenues and enhance the overall customer’s experience.

When it is all about mobile app technologies, business owners can gain great benefits of capturing their targeted audience and reaching out to them in an effective manner. Their chances of success also increase with access to various business data and helps to make an impact through applying various mobile technologies.

Why The Latest Mobile App Trends Require You To Upgrade Your Web Development Skills

Feeling hungry? Turn on your mobile app. Want to book hotels? It’s on your mobile. Looking for a home? You have mobile apps for that too. Basically, we are surrounded with smart apps and there are dozens for every civic need.

With the New Year, mobile and web technology went through new resolutions, strategies, goals, and objectives. Hence, there is no denying that they change in rapid fashion. On one hand, we have various mobile apps like video streaming, messenger, music players, daily schedulers, mailing organizer, and online games. On the other hand, the expansion of online consumer awareness has resulted in fussy and unpredictable choices. This, demands you to learn quickly and adopt the latest trends in mobile app development in 2017. Here are some of the trends you should be aware of:

1. Apps for drones taking the market by storm

Drones are new kid on the block, but they have hit the latest business trends already. Amazon Prime Air is on its toe for launching world’s first drone delivery service and we are eagerly waiting to see how the technology works. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is also holding on to the excitement as their new drone delivery program – Wing Marketplace is on its way to deliver food via drones. Drones are also used in agriculture, national security and healthcare. Therefore, web design and development courses are teaching students to create apps that will control the drones. Such apps should have the features to control, analyze and manage activities by drones. The drone industry is growing speedily, so we suggest diving into it as soon as possible.

2. It is the year for small and local businesses

Mobile app analysts predict presence of local retailers and small business in the internet greater than before. They are leveraging on apps to boost sales and improve brand image in a short period of time. Therefore, a huge number of app developers are in demand who would develop simple yet efficient web apps for these local retailers. If for all these years you were in a dilemma of whether to take web design and development courses or not, this is the correct time to go for it. Industry experts are focusing on structuring curriculum that covers latest trends and subjects.

3. Apps for Wearable devices

Be it fitness tracker band, smart watch, jewellery or digital pen, the market for wearable devices will even grow in popularity in 2017. This indicates that there will be an increasing demand for mobile applications integrated with these smart gadgets. Wearable technology provides ample of opportunities, mostly for sports and healthcare industries. Machine learning will also come into action with these apps. To know what machine learning is, take web design and development courses that covers latest up gradation in technology.

4. More demand for secure apps

We often hesitate to download apps that ask for access to images, contacts and more from our phone. We hesitate because we are concerned about the safety and security issue. Thus, app developers have to gain the trust of people by ensuring data security for businesses and individual users. Along with remarkable increase of the amount of online purchases and use of mobile based apps, instances of hacking and misuse of confidential is occurring more frequently these days. This alarming statistic calls for a high demand for more secure technologies, complex data encryption and authentication algorithms.

Trends are changing, so are the techniques. Live on the edge of newest trend by upgrading your skills with web design and development courses, otherwise you won’t be able to outsmart your competitors. The future of mobile apps is very bright and challenging with innovative and ground-breaking possibilities. If something remains constant, that is Quality. To sustain in the hectic world of app development, adopting the newest techniques is the key mantra.

Throne of Apps: Don’t You Speak Valyrian?

There is an explosion in the number of mobile phones that people are wielding in every corner of the world. But, more exponentially, there is a never-before surge in the number and frequency with which apps on these devices are being consumed.

Now look at something counter-intuitive to this growth: There is also a hard-to-miss dearth of high-quality localised apps in emerging markets from what we gather from a report from ArabNet. And you know the irony? This is holding back app adoption and usage!

We are not talking about tribals or luddites but smartphone owners in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates and about 2,500 of them. The survey underlines that Arabic apps were facing download-resistance because 30% of respondents perceived them to be of not a good quality. Then there were 16% who seemed not so interested in downloading thanks to a bad experience with an app they had in the past. Now consider this: Even if 34% here indicated a preference for international apps, it was unlikely that they had the same level of relevant information and services as localised Arabic apps.

Get the drift?

Your app may be the slickest, smooth and super-human amidst a bunch of rivals in its home-ground or a major international market, but it will recoil and shrink to a mere “also-ran” if it fails to tailor itself to a local region, culture, market or language.

That, my friends, is what they call – Localisation. The good and bad news is – it can have a profound effect on the app’s ROI!

If your app fails to support a given country, locale, language, or culture it will be staring at the wrong end of some numbers – Remember what Distimo (App Annie), a publisher of app data and statistics, revealed in a survey covering 200 apps “The Impact of App Translations”? Downloads can jump by 128%, and revenues can climb by 26% just a week after publishing an iPhone app in a new language! That should explain why in an experiment David Janner, Editor-in-Chief of MAKE APP Magazine, grabbed as many as 767 % more downloads when he ensured localising of app keywords.

ROI happens easily when you take care of some fundamentals about localisation:

1. Localisation should address every small and big constituent that can define a user experience and stickiness for the app. It can be data-time formats, currency, keyboard usage, form factor differences, symbols and corollary, optimisation of design, expressions that work there, other nuances and habits of usage that a new audience would incline towards, image localisation, details of user experience, and layout too. The directions and layout that work in English will not necessarily follow in other regions and languages. So pay attention to expansion-differences, form-factor used, spacing, left-to-right and right-to-left support as per a language, the vertical or horizontal dominance of alphabets and a host of other factors that affect text display and fluidity in a new language.

2. Adequate and prudent internationalisation is the underpinning of effective localisation. Unless you make your code and design amenable from the very scratch for appropriate localisation wherever and whenever needed, this process will become quite complicated and chaotic. Internationalisation will allow your content to have discrete localizable elements from the very beginning. The code and language will also adapt readily to different regions and requirements swiftly and smoothly. A good translation tool and expertise can help you complement and even mitigate internationalisation effort and expense to a considerable extent.

3. Keep major platforms, like iOS and Android in mind before attempting major overhauls. Also look out for cross-platform app localisation. Resources and Data files that entail content, any complex set of data or graphical content outside of your code, images, tutorials, and other elements that accompany a program’s executable code should be externalised for easy localisation. Keep the default option open at all times as they are not marked with any language or locale qualifiers and can help in cases of exigencies and standard usage.

4. Good translators will always work with a context in mind, and that is precisely what lends an ROI edge to an app. It should be tested in environments that will play out in case of real users. So cognisance of multiple devices, a variety of screen sizes, form factors, and issues like line wrapping, breaks in sentences and strings, inaccuracies in actual usage, untranslated texts and strings, incorrect layout etc. should be taken care of with apt testing and expert help.
The game is no more just about a great app, but about making it friendly and ready enough for any user, it wants to accost.
Speak the language they speak. Reap the ROI.

I am an Expert in the medium of translation and language services. I have working knowledge in documents translation, Translate from English to German, App Localization and provide Multilingual E-mail Support.I am passionate in Localizing global brands to reach the target audience in the most efficient way.

Cloud Computing And Its Profound Implications On The Laptop Rentals

In the recent years, the cloud computing concepts have literally changed the scope of the digital work space and has completely transfigured the digital work space in all the required capacities across the landscapes, in fact umpteen numbers of corporates are now leveraging their best practices and quickly adapting to the cloud computing systems within their organizations to have the seamless connectivity within their internal departments.

Cloud computing becomes a de-facto technology standards in enhancing itself as a vital component over the client-server architecture

In-fact, the cloud computing has drastically enhanced itself with its earlier predecessors the client-server architecture as cloud computing has immensely brought all the data storages under one cloud server, cloud computing has been one of the wisest choices being adopted by corporates with its seamless data storage capabilities in them. In-fact umpteen numbers of companies are now adapting to this services to safeguard their valuable data.

Technology space has really manifested itself in such a way that, gone are the those days, where you would require a specific set up in the company for servers which could eventually connects with multiple workstations over the local area network (LAN). With the emergence of the cloud compute, these client and server architecture have literally taken the back stage. Through this, one could connect the multiple terminals with much more ease.

The diverse implications towards the use of laptops in the cloud computing platforms

Apart from the ideal fact about the cloud compute paradigm, it has always brought in with it the robust network connectivity within the organization and has been exemplary reasons for the scrupulous data storage in the cloud servers.

Workstations drastically powered by Laptops in the premises

Laptops, which has been built with a high end configuration has always been found to be deemed fit to accommodate itself as a workstation component which could seamlessly get connected to the local area network and to the cloud server subsequently. The high-end configuration in a laptop has always been found to be robust with reference to its profound usage of data in the cloud servers.

Laptops on rental has always been the viable choice for executives who have business travels

The cloud computing has drastically become the boon for umpteen numbers of business travelers in the company who keep traveling overseas, as these travelers do not have to worry about the data storage. It gives the travelers immense leverage to use their stored data for their vital presentations with the overseas clients.

The corporate companies completely rely on the laptop rentals as they come with a built-in high configuration and seamless network connectivity with them, which can be used for a limited time period as long as they on their specific travel schedules.

As a matter of fact, these laptops on rent come with a complete set of standard applications in place such as the word processors and the spreadsheet programs. One these laptops are put into use, these laptops on rent would immensely take care of its maintenance, the regular updates and also possibly sync your information to the cloud server at regular intervals.

Need to take a call on which laptop would immensely suit you with your intending objectives

It is indeed very apparent that you need to choose the precise and the appropriate laptops which might very well suit your intending objectives; you could probably have an online survey done about the recent laptops which give you the seamless connectivity across and then choose the one which could fulfill your objectives.

On the contrary, the most important vital check to choose in order to select a right laptop would always and profoundly be towards the kind of technical support it accommodates with.

Understanding the Ins And Outs of Moodle Mobile Learning

With technology becoming an integral part of our daily life, more learners are opting to gain a quick access to websites within their organization using their mobile devices instead of using the traditional notebook or desktop computers. So, to meet the user demands, educational institutes and schools are slowly overhauling their course management system and using Moodle to create mobile applications. Since we are highly dependent on our handheld devices, we rely on them for communication, playing games and even learning, Mobile learning is increasingly gaining popularity and Moodle LMS fully supports it.

What does it mean by mobile learning?

Mobile learning can be referred to learning anything from anywhere and anytime. The mobile component refers to the device that allows the learners to gain access to the course easily even while on the go. This is possible with a few platforms like Moodle development because courseware is available only within the LMS. It has various benefits that include collaboration, communication and increased mobility. Smartphones, tablets, portable gaming devices, e-readers, media players are all supported by the Moodle platform and can be effectively used to deliver varied components of mobile learning. Learning materials have become easily accessible nowadays and with mobile it is easy to read, learn, and engage people.

The benefits of using Moodle mobile learning

There are many students all over the world who are willing to learn various courses, but are restricted because of many problems like distance, timings and the physical stress. Today, learning is easy as many educational organizations have their courses stored online and even the assessments can be done from any location making the process comfortable. The administrators can easily access and grade the students quickly. Mobile assessments offer the opportunity to provide detailed feedback, allowing more space for users to learn.

Communication is also enhanced as there are various new methods to reach out. You can use forums, SMS messaging, virtual classrooms, videos, real time chatting and etc. as your means to learn. Moodle development enables the administrators to tailor the learning process based on the needs of individual learners.

How to use Moodle for mobile learning:

Moodle is a viable platform for organizations to deploy mobile learning either through web based apps or through native mobile apps. The latest features of Moodle course content and buttons are now visible even on smaller mobile screens to support the users. But before you start using Moodle development for mobile screens here are some tips:

It is very important to optimize your reading materials for the mobile screens. Reading is usually not very suitable for small screens, but it can still work if the reading is brief and if the text can be zoomed according to the requirement. Slide presentations and videos can also be used for learning.

If you have a mobile app for learning, then it is very important to guide the users without assuming that they know how to operate. Share some tutorials so that the students can easily figure out the features and do not miss any crucial updates or even deadlines of your course.

While offering your courses on mobile, it is vital to supply additional links that are related to the reading materials so that the students find it easy to learn. Also make sure that the website is mobile friendly and give a short introduction of your course so that the students know what it is all about. Carefully choosing a mobile theme would also help you.

Technology is making the world easier and also a better place to live. It definitely makes the job for the teachers easier and the learning process for the students, fun and engaging. They can share useful skills and competence with their friends and avail better opportunities of learning.

Technology has made a great contribution in the education process and learning. Today, students can easily get useful skills and can attain higher levels of competence through mobile learning system due to its beneficial features.

The iPad Has Become The Versatile Gadget Which Has Revolutionized The Digital World

iPads from Apple has been the recent upgrade in the market segment in reference to its adaptability with reference to the plethora of computational needs in the global market, which brings about the scalability of a phone and laptop in one gadget.

Apple iPads have been considered as one of the highly popular brands in the market today and it has emerged as one of the recent gadget which has completely revolutionized the digital world. It has been able to adapt completely with respect to its computational needs in the global market such as the incorporation of a laptop and a phone all together in one single gadget.

iPad as a versatile storage device

one of the pivotal functionality of an iPad has been towards its immaculate storage capacity within it and has come to the market in their sleekest form and with a vibrant display. The entire gadget has comes with a lightweight body and this becomes a very handy tool for an entrepreneur or the home user to carry it across.

The iPad is a vibrant gadget which has the finest multitasking and scalability in its persona

The iPad has always been a topic to debate among the masses with reference to its ability to handle multiple programs within which can concurrently run at one single time. This concurrency feature in an iPad has been so dynamic that the user can work on multiple programs at once and need not have to close the programs when working with others. The product brings with it, the best of the mobile communications with the advent of touch screen phones, the 9.7 inch LCD touch screen has proven to be the most versatile functionality towards the high resolution viewing experience and concurrently facilitates the sending and receiving of the email messages.

The iPad has been the vibrant tool to bring about the excellent built-in memory

In the recent years, the iPad has brought about the best of the options towards the build-in memory. The users can opt for 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB respectively as an offering from Apple.

With these built in memory, the iPad can smoothly and concurrently run the applications within with much ease and without a break in their functions.

The vibrant device comes with seamless connectivity

The iPad has been having the built-in capability to have the seamless network connectivity and to precisely mention that certain applications such as the IM, E-mail, Google Search etc, can be done with greater ease.

iPads are the ideal gadgets which with an expensive price tag

The only bottleneck about the iPad is that, the gadget comes with an expensive price tag with it and this is the ardent reason for many entrepreneurs or the home users to go out of sight. However, the iPad rental option has always been assisting these entrepreneurs in multifold.

There are ample vendors in the market today who provide the latest and the most updated iPad on rentals at an affordable price in the market. These iPads keep coming in the market with frequent updation and with the inclusion of the latest apps.

The iPad rental renders the ample options to the entrepreneurs and the home users

The iPad as a rental option have always rendered multiple options for the business entrepreneurs and the home users. They could select a particular brand of iPad with certain specific mandates in mind and also leverage upon the budget in particular. The most important and the pivotal component which a user can always opt for is the technical support which comes with the rental contract.

In the event if you are looking for iPads for rent, please revert back to us at Techno Edge Systems.

For all iPad Rentals contact Techno Edge Systems or Call +971555279076, so that our technical team would get in touch with you for your iPad needs.

Important Questions That Clients May Ask Mobile App Developers

Savvy businesses are aware that having a web presence of their business is not enough to remain competitive in the market. If you are not leveraging on mobile app, then you will be leaving a lot of money and opportunity on the table. According to statistics, 80% of the internet users own a smartphone and more than 25% consumers use a branded app for mobile research. They prefer to access the internet through their mobile devices. So, for all the business owners out there, it is time to create an app for your business so that your consumers can easily get connected over their hand devices and reach out to you for the services or products.

But what does this mean for the mobile app developers? More work and more projects in iOS, Android and mobile web? But there are few other things that you should also be prepared for. Today, business owners are moving to mobile. So, be ready to answer their questions during the interview with the hiring manager.

Here are some questions that they might put up before you before they hire you to develop your app.

Can you show some examples of mobile apps that you have created?

While facing clients looking for mobile app development partnership, mobile developers should come prepared to show their past work as well as some ongoing projects because this will indicate what you can contribute to the clients in case they hire you. The customers will always try to get an idea of what you have developed in the past and try to determine the technologies that you have worked on. Your work will also help them judge your skill set and experience and help them take a decision whether you are the best or not.

A thorough study of the portfolio will act as the best guide for understanding the quality of work that you provide. Repeat clients, result based facts and figures also reveal the real picture that will help to gain trust.

What are your core services?

Mobile app developers are the ones who are responsible for creating the app from the scratch and deliver it to the customers. The client company might ask you about your core services just to know whether you offer a full package to complete all processes from offering business analysis to developing modern and high quality app. You should be prepared to answer them and show your expertise in delivering customized projects that require working with modern app development frameworks and tools.

What is your app development process?

It is important to know about how the service providers will operate in the most crucial time. It is important for you to remain prepared about your development process and the strategies that you will adopt in case some unexpected problems arise. Be prepared to explain the methodologies that you would follow while building the application. This will help to gain reliability and also respond to any challenges that can be produced during the development process. Business owners usually prefer to choose agile development as it is a better approach and helps to make essential changes even during the development process.

What is your checklist for testing an app before launch?

Mobile app developers are responsible for creating the app from the scratch and delivering it to the customers. Your client may ask you about your app testing approach before the final release. Are you responsible only for creating an app or would you perform a comprehensive testing to confirm any errors or bugs in it? Anticipate these questions and prepare your answers as a test will require large beta groups, app updates, bug fixes and also the submission process to get the app into the store. Showing complete awareness of the entire process will help to impress your client as a mobile app developer.

Do you have any rewards, recognition or client references?

Any reliable mobile company will be able to show some awards and recognitions by top ranking organizations, magazines or media. Look out if your developers and designers have been credited anywhere on the internet and also ask your clients to share their views and recommendations on social media or YouTube. You can use the client’s testimonials to prove your credibility and also give their references so that your clients can directly take a feedback from them.

What is your preferred communication means during the app development process?

Since app development requires good collaboration between the client and the team, your client may want to know the means of communication with the developers and project managers throughout the development process. Be prepared and be very clear about your work style and communication means and how you will update your client about the work proceedings. If you prefer video conferencing meetings or emails, make sure to convey the preferences to your client so that they can be well prepared to work with you.

How do you calculate the app pricing?

Since making a business mobile app is a big investment and you cannot usually overlook the expenses, it is important to plan your budget beforehand. Your customer may ask you about the time and money that they will have to spend on the mobile app. So, make them understand the billing procedure and any other extra claims that you might charge while creating the app. Don’t overprice and be alert of all the expenses and maintain a proper invoice for each assignment.

The desire to start working with new clients on their app is understandable, but keep in mind that developing an app is a lengthy process and it is very important to gain the trust of your client regarding reputation, reliability and credibility. It is only then that you will be able to capture a wider market and enjoy growth in your business.

Chat Apps and How They Can Help Young People

Technology has often been blamed for failure in learning, especially with so many young people engaging in chat and messenger apps that are readily available today. However, it is not necessary that technology is an obstacle. It can actually be a very amazing tool that can help students to improve on communication.

Chat apps as a tool of collaboration and learning

If you pay attention to young people, you will notice a very interesting thing and that is the fact that most of their time is spent as they text and using a number of free apps that can be downloaded easily.

This technology can be used to aid learning. There are apps that can actually help anyone with an issue with pronunciation. These apps can be downloaded to one’s phone or computer and you can communicate using voice messages or even texts.

Voice messaging is still rather new but it really helps students a lot, especially with pronunciation and speaking skills when they are required to record answers within a chat. As an educator, you may choose to talk to your students via this method. You can do it individually or you can also create some group chats where the students can freely listen to one another and also give some feedback when they have been given assignments.

Most of the chat apps that you find are highly user friendly and therefore recording assignments can be very easy and efficient. These are apps that can be utilized when classes are over. The extra practice within the online platform is necessary as students are given the opportunity to be autonomous learners and they can see mistakes and correct them themselves.

Students are encouraged to improve reading as they take time to read out loud before they record and submit. They also get a chance to listen to the feedback that the others are giving and complete all other assignments that may be given.

Improving writing

There are vet other messaging apps they can be used on mobiles and desktops that can be very important in writing. This is especially when a student has got an assignment based on writing or project. There are so many possibilities here, though.

Most of the chat sites allow one to have public or private conversations. This is what makes it such an amazing feature for students in a group or anyone else that ways you use the tool for education. When there is a need to communicate to students in a private way, chat apps always provide for that. You can choose to communicate in a group but if there is a point that needs clarification, having a private chat becomes the ideal thing.

There are different projects that require students to work together. When this is the case, they should be able to communicate and collaborate very well. Private channels can be applied when you need to discuss some of the details related to a project. You can also share pictures, links and so on and his makes them very convenient.

Chat sites such as kik usernames have many users. Regardless of how busy or old you area, social apps are an important part of living and staying connected to friends and family at all times.

Laptop Rental – The Best Companions For Entrepreneurs During Transit

Laptop rentals have transitioned as de-facto devices for the instant communication for the entrepreneurs both in terms of having a constant connect with his office and family instantaneously when on the move.

In today’s fast evolving digital world, the communication system has undergone a tremendous sea change and in this scenario it becomes very imperative for everyone to remain connected with your office work and also the family which cannot be lagging behind in any manner. Ideally, with the emergence of cloud systems in the digital world; the communication system has tremendously transitioned itself and seamlessly made our lives much easier.

To match up to these communication systems in place, high-end laptops have become a de-facto devices which has got an inherent capability within to have instant communication specifically when you are on the move, laptops are impeccable devices which in turn can store a significant amount of data stored in them and being completely portable as a battery operated device.

Laptops comes with an expensive price tag

One cannot overlook about the laptop when it comes to us with an expensive price tag, so when someone looks for a high-end configuration laptops, one should also bear with his mind about the projected budget.

Laptop Rental

On the contrary, one need not have to worry as these laptops do come as a handy tool on a rental basis. There are umpteen numbers of vendors who could render the laptop rental, which could bring about the higher-end laptops for use. Laptop Rental has become the preferred option for entrepreneurs today as it comes to them as a boon in itself when they carry their laptops for business conferences, wherein they could seamlessly and constantly get connected with their official updates and also with their family all at once.

Cloud computing has an immense contribution to the entrepreneurs when on the move.

The cloud computing methods have always proven to be an emerging technology in the recent times, where it has turned out to be blessings in disguise for the entrepreneurs, as they do not have to think much about the file stored in a laptop. They could impeccably connect to the cloud server through the high end-laptop and save the file in the cloud.

Anecdote: Cloud computing serves as the robust back end towards the complete safeguard of the crucial data whenever and wherever.

However, when selecting a laptop on rental basis one should always bear in mind some of the basic considerations:

Laptop’s Processor Speed:

Processor and processor speed is one of the major parameters which needs to be completed adhered to when taking a laptop on rental basis. As a business entrepreneur, you do not want yourself to be embarrassed in a trade conference, when all of a sudden your laptop comes to a halt. In the event that you are looking for a multi-tasking in a laptop, one should always prefer the high end processor configuration such as the Intel core 2 quad i7. You can surely check the processor specification with the laptop rental vendor and select the same.

Laptop size:

For a business entrepreneur, the size of the laptop matters a lot, laptops with sleek, weightless are always preferred by multitudes of entrepreneurs for their business tours as they need not have to bother much about the packing of the laptops as a part of their baggage. Weightless laptops have their own entity as they can be easily operated anywhere and everywhere.

Seamless Connectivity

Connectivity has always played an instrumental role in defining the laptop’s actual purpose. Laptops with high-end configuration have always been very scrupulous in terms of the connectivity to the wi-fi zone and also with other internet connecting tools such as dongles.

Technical Support when on the move:

As a business entrepreneur, the most important pivotal component is the technical support of the renting vendor especially when on the move. In the event, if your laptop is stuck with a bottleneck, the renting vendor could eventually resolve the problem at the shortest time period so as to avoid any sort of embarrassment during the conference.