Mobile Apps and Their Impact on Our Future

It’s unbelievable, yet true that currently 2.1 billion people worldwide own a smartphone and use it about over 200 times a day, engaging with different kinds of apps. It’s amazing how mobile apps have captured every aspect of our lives.

Accelerated mobile web pages (AMP ) is changing the web app landscape

Google started the AMP project almost a year back. Recently Google also announced that there will be a separate search index for mobile web. This completely changes the mobile web trends – especially from an SEO perspective. Google Amp supported web apps will load much faster on mobile devices and reduce bounce rates in large numbers. It will also benefit publishers with increased ad visibility and more visitors.

The AR and VR magic

Augmented reality and virtual reality apps are going to be the new trend in the mobile apps world. Mobile apps developers for Android and iPhones have already been working on virtual reality apps that server the entertainment industry. PokemonGo is a standing example of the success of such apps. Although it’s not expected that VR will catch on so soon, AR is already making it big in the mobile apps world.

Artificial intelligence is real

There is going to be a significant increase in the investment in the artificial intelligence in the near future. Through the use of advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces into complex systems, and machine learning techs, AI will be able to provide access to powerful insights in to the businesses that has never been available before.

Cloud driven mobile apps

Cloud driven technologies are influencing how the mobile applications are developed and used. Cloud computing today has strongly routed itself in the world of mobile apps. It makes mobile apps more accessible from anywhere and anytime – without placing a lot of load on the phone memory or space because these apps directly fetch their inputs from the cloud.

Enterprise apps and micro apps

The prime goal of enterprise mobile application is to help you restructure and streamline your business processes. A micro app on the other hand is targeted to suffice only a specific role. These both kinds of apps are crucial for the success of businesses in today’s world.

Security apps

Security is of utmost concern in this highly connected world. According to a study by Gartner, almost 75% of the apps do not even pass the basic security tests. This includes a number of features such as login methods, access to external storage etc. It can be easy for hackers to exploit this, if security is not given a proper thought during the development phases itself.

Mobile commerce

As more and more shoppers move from web to mobile, the commerce trends are shifting from the web to the mobile domain. Even mobile payments are making things quite easy for customers.

Other happenings in the mobile domain are the rise of the wearable devices and IoT. Mobile apps development for Android and iPhones is seeing a transformation from traditional – basic apps, to apps that can do a lot more!

Mobile Apps Safeguarding: Implementation of Security in the App Development Procedure

Few people know that like the computer apps and software, mobile apps are also quite vulnerable to the hackers. Hacking is the technical prowess that executes negatively by accessing the vital & confidential information and leaking it out illegally. The advancement of technology has provided so many tools in the hands of the hackers that have actually facilitated the process of hacking and have made it simple and go clean!

Returning home after loading an important document file in the office PC and finding it nil on the very next morning is not a very rare picture. But as hackers have gone technically sound too, this is not a very rare picture in mobile apps also. This is the reason, the big companies try to secure their devices spending a lot of money, but yet failing abruptly due to the unsecured application layer of the OS that is easily accessible for the hackers till now. This ruins the reputation of the company, so the developers need to develop the security measure for the mobile apps. This action should be taken at the time of mobile app development to avoid such phishing attacks.

But the human brain always finds a solution to every problem. Thus, developers strive to find the protection against the hacking in order to secure the industry more firmly. Here are some steps that the developers should take to safeguard their apps well-

Scrutinizing at the fundamental stage
Analyzing the app at the time of sketching the app is the prime concern of the app developers and the security monitoring team of an organization. This begins with realization and identifying the potential threats that can affect the apps and harm the repute of the company. This process should be included in the app development life cycle by evaluating the status, targets & objectives of the organization, the technical environment for the manufacturing & employment of the app, the tasks taken for the development and impertinence and the demand for the app in the current marketplace. A SWOT analysis thus can be quite helpful in this matter.

Effective threat modeling process
Here, the developers and the security monitoring team should work hand in hand. The task begins by focusing on the sensitive data storage points where most of the crucial information is stored. Once the threats are identified, the actions should be taken to eliminate them, which can be safely done by the threat modeling procedure.

Assessment of the design
Evaluation of the design is a major requirement in the process of mobile app development. This is needed to recognize the errors and risks at the initial stage of the development. This improves the app and its quality. But it goes better when this task is performed by an outsider, as the judgment will be neutral and the errors can be easily recognized which the developers have overlooked.

Re-checking of codes
This is certainly the major risk part as codes are the essential things in this matter. The units of the codes should be re-assessed in the development phase to avoid loopholes which make the app well secured.

Identifying the threats
Checking the quality of the manufactured product or service before delivering it to the customers is essential. Therefore, a quality analyst should be deployed in order to evaluate the apps in order to identify the threats and to test thoroughly all the parameters to reduce the risks.

Optimizing the app on the basis of the industry standard
Developing the app is not enough, you need to attain the security scorecard according to the global industry standards and thus, to acquire a security certificate, you need your app to be tested against industry standard benchmarks. It’s ideal to assess the app’s success, according to the industry standards and enhancements are made if required.

Safeguarding an app is not a matter of joke. From the app’s personal safety to the company repute, everything depends on it. This can be attained if the processes are utilized in every stage perfectly.

Mr. Deepanjan Goswami, the technical director of GoWebdardy, a reputed and fastest growing IT company in India, with the client base in three different countries, has penned down this article in order to aware the people about integrating security in the mobile app development.

Stay Ahead in Competition by Choosing the Right App Development Company

Today, companies are looking forward towards a mobile apps strategy for the successful promotion of their business. As we know, the use of the mobile device has increased rapidly because they are an instant source to access the internet and mobile applications. Businesses is changing direction and finding its new way on to mobile phones that involves various features and characteristics. As rapidly growing popularity of mobile applications left no other option for corporate sector instead of promoting and sells their services through mobile apps.

If you want to stay ahead at the competition then an app development company is the right choice for you. They will provide you highly efficient services that can change the way of your business. There are so many app development companies available in the market who wants to help your website and business to reach its prospective or goals. Converting your website into an iOS app, or develop you apply to your specific vision will exceed your expectations. When your application or project is complete then you can upload the iOS application to the Apple store and let your customers start downloading a new app. Make sure that your application meets all of your requirements and then successfully show in the app store so that it becomes easy for your customers to access your app.

Benefits of hiring a professional App Development Company:
• The responsibility of your business is on right hands. Provide professionals and experienced developers who are experts in their work.
• They know all the key factors that are needed for the standard development of a company.
• Easily incorporate essential features or characteristics.
• If any problem or error occurs, they know the exact solutions.

If you are new to mobiles and have no proper information about the app development company, then the following tips will surely help you in making a better selection:

• Having an appropriate knowledge about the company:
Check the company’s website and their sample project reports because the main reason behind developing a mobile app for business is to get the app downloaded more & more so that business gain more profit. So before hiring any company first find out whether the company has ever done any significant project or not.

• Company’s Reputation:
Before hiring, find out whether the company is reputed or not. You can check testimonials of the company’s client so as to know about the company are dealing capabilities.

• Budget:
First, check the prices of other similar companies and then hire on the basis of your requirements and budget. It will help you in taking a good decision. There are several app development companies in the market that provide you best services at affordable price.

• The company has experienced and expert team of developers:
It is essential to hire experienced developers because experienced developers have huge knowledge and experience to deal with different stages of development. So if any problem occurs, they will easily solve it.

Developing a successful app is a profitable step for business. For this, you need to select an appropriate company so that you can save both your money and time.

5 Reasons to Create a Mobile App For Your Business

The times when people were busy reading their newspapers on the bus or in the park are over. Today everybody is stuck in their mobile devices. In most countries with advanced economy the number of smartphone users varies from 60% to more than 80%. Hundreds of new applications are downloaded every day, and it seems that developing a mobile app is a great option to promote your business in today’s digital era.

The mobile products market is continuing to grow, and as a result not only big companies think of having their own mobile apps these days. Small businesses refuse to lag behind as well. Everybody wants to keep up with the times and it’s no longer a surprise when a small book shop offers its services by the means of a mobile app.

Still have doubts that your business needs a mobile solution? Here are some more reasons to convince you:

1) Attract new customers and encourage the regular ones to buy more. Launch a loyalty program within your app, so that your customers could earn points and later spend them on the goods they want. Besides, information about helpful loyalty programs and outstanding mobile products spreads very quickly among the smartphone users, which means getting more new customers.

2) Raise the awareness of your brand. Your logo that acts as an app icon has a good chance to become a successful advertisement. People scroll hundreds of applications every day and tend to remember the most outstanding icons even if they don’t install the application itself. Furthermore, a proper mobile app shows your brand’s philosophy and values much better than postcards, magnets, key holders and etc.

3) Launching a mobile app is the easiest way to collect feedback from your customers. People keep in touch with their friends through social networks and often find themselves thinking: “I’d rather text than call”. Today more and more people admit that they prefer writing their reviews online rather than expressing their opinion in person. On the other hand, a written review is usually more complex, because the reviewer has enough time to remember all the details. So if you want to receive an honest and proper feedback provide your customers with a mobile solution.

4) Leaving your business rivals behind. A mobile app can be regarded as part your service and image. People utilizing a user-friendly and well-designed application with lots of useful features feel that they are treated well and become the most loyal customers you’ve ever dreamt of. Do your competitors already have their own mobile products? Be far ahead – offer more than a good service.

5) Provide your customers with all the information through one channel. Reaching your clients has never been so easy. With the help of a mobile app customers get informed about new goods, discounts, promotions and events at first hand and in one click. You can even offer special discounts to the users of your mobile app that they will surely appreciate.

And finally, if you still aren’t sure that creating a mobile app is a worthy thing for your business, have a look at one famous company’s experience. Domino’s pizza made a mobile app for ordering their food and in half a year their profit increased by 28 % in the UK only. At present ordering via mobile devices is making more than 50% of all their online orders.

Considering all this, creating a mobile application is not a waste of money. It won’t save your business but will definitely put it on a new level.

Advantages of Mobile App Development for Startups

Business runs on how you think and directs it. Today’s development has put businesses into stiff competition. Of one wants to survive in this competitive market one has to stand out of the crowd and provide others the opportunity to know what and how their company differs from others. With more of internet usage among the people, the method of advertising has also undergone significant changes. More and more people are available online spending more time on the social media. Companies are taking this opportunity to advertise their companies online. Some companies are also developing separate apps for themselves so that they can reach the customers individually. If you are having a startup developing such an app will be beneficial for you. The advantages are as follows:

Providing One To One Service

With the apps, you will be able to directly interact with your potential customers. You will know what they search for and how often they visit the app. According to their preferences, you can send special offers to them to interest them in purchasing a particular thing. This will grow more traffic in the app.

Growing Brand Awareness

Startup companies need more awareness than bigger companies. Apps can be one way to make the customer aware of the existence of such company that offers them necessary items. User-friendly and fast loading apps let the visitors stay on the app and find their needs. You are sure to find lesser bounce rates. Not forgetting that you will reach more number of audiences.

Staying Ahead Of the Race

Developing an app your business will be ahead of the competitive market. Mostly the startups do not think of developing apps. But if you believe it that let us tell you that mobile app development is cost effective. You would not have to bother about the costs because it will be in your budget they will bring you much profit in the long run.

Not all apps developed become popular among the people. In order to make it appealing to the customers you have to make it user-friendly, easy to navigate and something that the visitors will find the worthy to revisit. Make sure you develop such a mobile app with the help of expert developers that will grab more customer attention. Mobile App development is a marketing strategy that in fact, every business should adopt for its effectiveness. It has a greater hand in making a business successful.

Top 10 Elements in App UI Design

Elements in the app are like the customer relations people in your company. They speak the language of your app in a simple way. They act as tour guides to the various app windows, propose action items and give users company while some items are loading. They diligently take inputs from the customers aka app users. Following are the top 10 App UI elements selected by us:

Your app icon is the face of your app (and acts as a brand logo if your app becomes iconic!). It needs to be simple, noticeable, and clearly representing your app. The same goes for the rest of your app icons. They are extremely helpful if designed creatively yet intuitively for representing different functions in your app.

A button typically appears raised from the background and may have icons or text as its components. Buttons are of various kinds- simple button, drop-down button, toggle button, checkboxes, radio buttons and the like. All of these, especially call-to-action buttons, need to be designed and placed mindfully.

Search fields
Search fields are typically at the top of the screen and play a vital role in user navigation. They need to be visible and it is recommended to place an attractive default question to encourage the user to take action. A good example is the destination search/input box in Uber, which has a default question- Where to? It posits the app as friendly and interactive while making it clear that a destination needs to be entered in the search field/box.

Like the name suggests, breadcrumbs represent where you have strayed away from the home page. They state the current location of and all the preceding pages opened by the user. This is visible as a series of page titles intercepted by arrows describing the user flow.

There are two kinds of notifications- In-app notifications and Push notifications. While the former increase usability by helping the user to better utilize app functions, the latter makes the user come back for more. Examples of in-app notifications are the introduction to app usage and new functions. Push notifications are similar to in-app notifications with the exception that they reach the mobile phone user, even if the app is not open.

Tool tips
A tool tip is an incredibly useful element. It appears when the user scrolls over to an item, quickly giving the further description or usage tips. It denotes attentiveness to the user’s needs and adds to the app experience.

Pop-up windows
You might dislike them but if used sparingly and with the aim to benefit the user, they can be a real plus. They grab and hold the entire attention of the user so as to bring focus to an important offer or message. The pop-up window doesn’t close till some action has been taken within it.

Loading elements and placeholders
These, along with other elements like icons, form a part of micro interactions- a simple, visual way of representing a process and its completion to the user. The idea is to give real-time feedback to the user regarding any function the app is performing. An example of a loading element is the typical circle of dots flashing one after the other, often found when a YouTube video is buffering. A placeholder is something that holds an empty space or screen while the full content is loading. It usually presents blurred outlines of content that is about to load or partial content.

Tags are terms linked to certain items that make them easy to search. This element is a must especially if your app manages a large database.

Image Carousel
Now, don’t we all enjoy those images with dazzling one line descriptions sliding away to reveal another before we get enough of one? That is exactly what an image carousel is. It’s certainly a must for e-commerce apps.

How to Find Reliable Notebook Repair Service Providers

Like any other electronic component, issues may erupt with your Notebook too, and in that case, you must look for reliable repair services. There are many repair service providers in the market, but I would recommend looking only for the authorized centers to ensure that you get access to accurate and high-quality repair services for your electronic notebook.

Indeed! Your Notebook is one of the most prized possessions you have. Like any other electronic component, issues may erupt with your Notebook too, and in that case, you must look for reliable repair services.

There are many repair service providers in the market, but I would recommend looking only for the authorized service centers to ensure that you get access to accurate and high-quality repair services for your electronic notebook.

How to find a reliable Repair company?

Without a doubt, this question pops-up in the minds of the owner of the product facing difficulty with its functioning lately. It is challenging to hire one of the service providers among the hoards of companies in the market. The main aim of the article is to highlight on a few of the easy tips to find the right people for the job:

Do an online search – Fortunately! We are living in the era of internet and technology. Just type a relevant term on the search bar, and a list of all the local companies in your city will be highlighted before you through the search engines. Now you are aware of the repair companies that exist in your area.

Shortlist – Next step is to shortlist all the repair centers in your vicinity. Check their website, customers reviews and their examples of work. This way you can shortlist a few of these companies and then pick one among the list by doing a considerable amount of research on each of them.

Compare prices – Pricing is an essential element that must be considered to make your job easier. Ask for the quotes from the service centers that you have shortlisted and then compare the price quotes offered by each of them. I will not say to hire the cheapest service providers but would advise to research on the industry price and then reach a conclusion.

There are many other factors to be considered before making a final deal. You may look for the people who are dedicated to offering 24/7 emergency services. These people are always available at your service, and you can call them even during the oddest hours of the day. Though they charge little high compared to other service centers, they have industry’s most experienced engineers as their staff who are well-versed with the intricacies of the job and provide a foolproof fix.

You will be surprised to learn that even the trickiest damages have been successfully repaired by the skilled repair professionals and you can rely on them if you are not in a mood of getting it replaced.

If you are an owner of a notebook and if it is a Macintosh notebook the need for finding reliable repair services gets intense in case of a breakdown. Find more about Macbook air repair services here.

6 Ways Increase Your Mobile Application’s Security

A constant growth in the mobile application development platforms has helped in the simplification of the entire process of application creation. With advanced methods, simpler plugins and intuitive platforms, almost anyone can now create his/her own mobile application. However, developing a truly useful and likable application is an entirely different ball game.

One of the most important factors in play for the application development process is the integration of safety into the interface. You want to make sure that your application is safe for the users especially when it asks them for sensitive/personal details such as account password and username.

  1. Use Encryption

The use of encryption for device safety is the best way to secure your mobile application. The use of good encryption like that of 256-bit AES encryption allows you to encrypt the data transmitted from the user’s device. This encryption will make it difficult for a hacker to steal and make sense of any data.

  1. Rigorous Testing

It is crucial that you follow multiple methods of software testing to make sure that you cover all the important bases. Some of the important testing methods include regression testing, exploratory testing as well as automated testing. You need to dedicate a considerable amount of your time for testing while preparing a timeline for the application development. Evidently, it is better to test on the go than dedicate a time towards the end since it helps in solving the issues faster.

  1. Prototyping

Prototyping is a fantastic way to keep track of your progress. By making prototype application as you go about developing the application, you are creating restore points for the application. In case addition of a particular function or a feature fails, you can pick up the application development process from the last successful prototype.

  1. Use Reliable Certificates from the Device

Make sure you develop your application for a variety of mobile devices. You must mention the name of the devices in the application description in case your application does not support a particular range of devices. The use of certificates from the device will help your application integrate its source code with the hardware architecture a little better.

  1. Roll-out Updates Regularly

Minor modifications to the source code of the application on a regular basis will help you keep the chances of penetration to a minimum. You must not bug the users with constant updates, rather roll out a monthly update for the addition of functionality or removal of bugs.

  1. Remote Data Wipe Feature

By enabling a remote data wipe feature on the device, you can easily allow the user to erase his/her personal data from the application in case he/she loses the device.These 6 simple steps will help you increase your application’s safety standards by several folds.

Wasi Tech Systems is a custom application development company based in Omaha. We are building customized mobile applications that are game-changing in scale and scope.